Young Adult Cancer Survivor

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Your issues are heard here! Together we bring awareness across USA
of all types of cancers that addresses issues concerning the young adult cancer community!

Stages of Cancer Survivorship

Stage 1  Diagnose

Stage 2: Treatment

Stage 3: Remission

Many young adults are diagnosed late with cancer.  An earlier diagnosis could save your life.  If you have not felt good for 2 weeks see you doctor, and most importantly be open with your doctor. Learn more about the diagnoses stage
The treatment stage is when you are receiving treatment.  You could of had a reoccurrence, a secondary cancer, or in response.  Chemotherapy and radiation can cause many side effects.  Eating can be a challenge during some therapy.  Click on this stage to learn more.
The Remission stage has many questions.  Many cancer survivors are left immediately left with the felling what now?  Click to learn more.

Stage 5:  Death​​

Stage 4:  Terminal

Hopefully this stage does not happen for 100 years.  The stage of death means you are no longer here.  Click here to learn way to leave a legacy and help families to grieve your loss.  
The terminal state is scary you been told by your doctor you are terminal.  Click here to learn more about how to overcome the fear and live
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Young Adult Cancer Awareness

Welcome home young adult cancer survivors to the UP Caner community! Together we bring cancer awareness across America.   Our committement is to help  types of cancers that addresses issues concerning oncology, cancer treatment for all of the young adult cancer community.  The Up Cancer is committed to educating and bring cancer awareness to medical oncology professionals, friends, family, social workers, insurance companies and legislators across United States to help address various issues facing young adult cancer patients during and post cancer treatment. Additionally, we are committed to help caregivers of young adult cancers survivors to find the help and support they need. Team Up Cancer lobbies to state legislators across the United State to create and improve laws that will assist the young adult cancer community and untimely assisting all cancer age groups.  
Awareness Efforts
Advocacy Efforts
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We need your help to bring awareness and change for young adult cancer needs
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