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80,000 Young Adults AYA are Diganosed with cancer every year. Your not alone here!

Did you know you are a cancer survivor when you are diagnosed with cancer?   You are  now surviving cancer.  Similar to life cycles, we are all born, we all grow, someone of us will have kids and get married.  Some of us will not.  Cancer survivors deal with different stages of the unwanted cancer journey. 
Rico Dence, the founder of Up Cancer created the 5 stages of a cancer survivor: diagnosis, treatment, remission, terminal, and death. 
The reason he created the “5 Stages of Cancer Survivor” is to assist cancer survivors, caregivers, friends and family understand the different stages a cancer survivor experience.  Within “5 Stages of a Cancer Survivor”, cancer survivors, caregivers, friends, family, have different emotional, financial, and physical challenges.  He created these stages to help everyone involved have a better understanding in each stage.  Up Cancer hopes that the information provided will help you live longer and live a fulfilled life in each stage.  Click on the buttons and learn how to navigate each stage and learn how to live in each of the 5 Stages of a of a Cancer Survivor.    
Welcome home young adult cancer survivors to the UP Cancer community! You are a survivor, whether you are newly diagnosed, in remission, or terminal. Together on team UP Cancer we educate, engage, and empower young adult cancer survivors across America. UP Cancer is also committed to educating and bringing cancer awareness to medical oncology professionals, friends, and family of cancer patients, social workers, insurance companies  across United States in order to address various issues facing young adult cancer patients during and after cancer treatment. Additionally, we are committed to helping the caregivers of young adult cancer survivors find the help and support they need. Team Up Cancer is active in politics, lobbying to state legislators across the United State to create and improve laws that will assist not only the young adult cancer community but cancer survivors of all ages.  
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Teaching those effect by cancer to get the most of life!

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  Did you know cancer patients are cancer survivors? Volunteer and make a difference in Young Adult Cancer Survivors lives. Become a volunteer today!  Contact Us  

Young adult cancer patients need better access to treatment, emotional support and financial support during and after treatment.  Learn about our advocacy and  volunteer to help pass legislation.  Our Advocacy work is done by Team Up Cancer
Inspire other AYA cancer survivors! Cancer patients need to hear from you They need your encouragement  during difficult times.  Help others by sharing your cancer.   Email your story today
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About Up Cancer 

We educate, engage, and empower those effected by young adult cancer.

Up Cancer is a community of Cancer Survivors:  A cancer diagnosis is an emotional sledge hammer to our hopes and dream.  We are forced to stop and adjust to an immediate obstacle in life.  A cancer diagnosis is  an unwanted challenge in our lives.  This might be the first time you have been diagnosed with cancer.  You might have received the news the cancer came back, or you have another cancer to deal with.  You might have even been told you cancer is terminal.  Up Cancer is here to help you understand what you are going though and to make the best of your unwanted journey.
Additionally, your friend or family member might have been diagnosed with cancer.  You do not know what to say to the cancer survivor. You have emotional challenges to the diagnosis and want to help.

Up Cancer is here to educate the cancer community not to live in fear, and make the best our lives given to us.  We are here “Up Cancer!