Team Up Cancer

Working together to improve young adult cancer survivor lives

Young Adult Cancer Community:  
You have a home here!  Up Cancer is targeted for Young adults between the ages 18-39.  Everyone of all ages who want to learn and be a part of the community is welcome.  Friends, families, and adults who were children or young adults when diagnosed with cancer are welcomed.  Let us work together to improve lives. 
Cancer Survivor:  ​
According to the National Cancer Institute:  A Cancer Survivor is one who remains alive and continues to function during and after overcoming a serious hardship or life-threatening disease. In cancer, a person is considered to be a survivor from the time of diagnosis until the end of life.

3 Objectives of Up Cancer

A major part of our mission is to educate the world about early detection and education and to reduce mortality rates by tackling issues facing the young adult cancer community that will help for the diagnosis and treatment stages of cancer.
Together we engage the young adult cancer community as well as the friends, family, and caregivers involved within that community.  If you are a cancer survivor or caregiver, we have emotional, financial, and physical challenges to overcome. As an Up Cancer family, we must support and encourage each other during and after cancer treatment.

Up Cancer's ultimate goal is to empower young adult cancer survivors to rise up and help those who are newly diagnosed with cancer.  It is our responsibility to improve the quality of lives of young adults cancer survivors and to make it easier for those diagnosed and dealing with treatment.