Learn about the 5 stages of a cancer survivor

5  Stages of a Cancer Survivor

Stage 1:  Diagnosis

Stage 2: Treatment

Stage 3: Remission

Many young adults are diagnosed late with cancer. An earlier diagnosis could save your life.  If you have not felt well for 2 weeks see you doctor, and most importantly be open with your doctor about your symptoms.​ Click here to learn more about the diagnoses stage
When you receive treatment regardless of whether it's a reoccurrence, a secondary cancer, or a chronic cancer.  It's essential to learn tips in order to reduce chemotherapy and radiation side effects. 
  Click here to learn more.
When you are cancer free. Many cancer survivors are immediately left with the feeling "what now?"   Click to learn more.

Stage 4:  Terminal

Stage 5:  Death​​

Terminal stage is scary! You were told by your doctor that you are terminal.   Click here to learn more about how to overcome this fear and learn to live!
Death is a  final stage that unfortunately happens to everyone and is often difficult to talk about.  Click here to learn ways on how to leave a legacy.