Intermediate Cancer Fitness Tips

Intermediate Cancer Fitness Tips

There is a wide range of cancer intermediate fitness level skills.  It is important to talk to your doctor prior to training.  It is important to take some time to work out and keep your body in shape. It will help you.
Intermediate cardio 

Execute (1) of the following options:

6x400 meter interval runs. Walk 400 in between sets. Runs should be at 80% effort

20 min jog, with (1) min break at the 10 min mark.
Intermediate Core Weight Training 

Upper Body       
Exercise               Sets/Reps
Push-ups              3x20
Pullups  3x7
Lawn Mowers    3x7, each side (use a weight so that the last rep is difficult)
Shoulder press   3x7
Exercise               Sets/Reps
Planks    3x1:00
Bicycles 3x25
Side Planks          3x30 sec
Exercise               Sets/Reps
Leg press machine           3x7
Weighted lunges              3x5
Quad extension machine              3x5