On October 10 at 12pm-1:30 across the nation we will be marching to stand up and protect fertility.

1.  Marching to bring awareness for the need for girls and boys ages 11 to 12 to get the HPV Vaccination the vaccines produce the strongest immune response to prevent the spread of the HPV   Learn how the vaccine can prevent some cancers
  • Young people deserved to be protected from cancer caused by the HPV virus. We encourage all parents to have their teenagers be vaccinated from the HPV Virus

2. Asking Oncologist to discuss fertility preservation with young adults with cancer.   Click here to learn why this important.
  • Young Adult Cancer Survivors have the right to know about being able to freeze their fertility prior to cancer treatment. Currently only 1 out of 10 are ever discussed this prior to treatment

Take the Pledge to Protect Fertility


Download our Protect Fertility toolkit, which provides information on the different types of actions you can choose to engage in.  Find a march near you or register one of your own.

3: March
Hold a March at your State Capitol, Congress Person Office,  City Hall, or College Campus. March around your State Capitol, outside of your congressperson’s in-district office. Collectively read the Pledge to Protect Fertility